We want everyone to live a comfortable and active lifestyle.

After years of experimenting with therapies, exercise, special diets, and much more, we decided to try combining a number of disciplines.  Experimentation was made along with an improved diet and voila…we found the solution.  Our chronic pain was controlled.

CHQ (Chautauqua) Wellness was born.


We are Tadd & Tina Newell

If you would like to learn more about us, check out Tina's first blog.

Vital Statistics

Tina - Gymnastic Coach for 8 Years, RN since 1980,  Organic Home Gardener since 1988, B.S. Ed, Social Studies, LMT since 1995, Somatic Educator since 2020, Functional Nutritionist, Self-taught Gourmet Cook

Tadd - Athletic Trainer on Nationally Ranked  D3 College Teams, B.S. Ed. Health & Physical Education 1978, RN since 1997, Somatic Educator since 2020